Saturday, 16 April 2011

Not So Fail.

As of late I have been feeling the pressure of meeting peoples expectations. In the last month I have had people question my abilities and life choices. Don't look down on people, it's not cool. Get off your high horses or I will tell you why I am better than you! But I wouldn't like to be such a bitch. And as for smoking, averagely now I smoke 4 a day (minus weekend drinking time), it used to be 10 a day so think twice before you judge or I will light a cig just to burn you with it. Anyway, this week I passed my driving test, which made me realise, I can do what I want, but that is the point, It's my happiness, my time and my will. I am very happy. And I will continue to make choices for MY happiness. The time I take for any change, is my time, wether it be 3 years or 3 months or whatever, thats just me as a person. I am thinking about life changing things, they are definite, but I will do it when the fuck I like yeah? And keep smoking hot in the process ;) [most likely not]. I have a new tattoo (pictured), take a look. Loving the summer shoes too :D I was having a chat with someone I don't know all too well, over a drink, about my feather tattoo and he said he thinks it represents the earth and freedom and says a lot about me as a first impression. I liked that.


  1. Btw, I frigging love your main blog picture, absolutely divine :) xxx

  2. and your new tattoo is lush :)