Sunday, 17 April 2011

I have to admit, I feel most comfortable naked (ish). I love getting ready and going out, however, it feels more liberating to feel comfortable in your natural state than to feel comfortable about how others see you. It feels how you are meant to be. That, or I am just a slut ;) But really, like anyone, I have had alot of body issues with myself. I always hated my hairyness. And lately I have felt like a weedy little boy. But after taking this pic, I don't hate my body, i like it. And I hope everyone gets to embrace their own bodies. You were born this way... in the words of Lady Gaga :) It has also come to my attention recently that I think I am an old hippy, I love all the simple things in life. And my mane hairstyle has grown on me alot, regardless of wether people hate it or not.

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