Sunday, 17 April 2011

I have to admit, I feel most comfortable naked (ish). I love getting ready and going out, however, it feels more liberating to feel comfortable in your natural state than to feel comfortable about how others see you. It feels how you are meant to be. That, or I am just a slut ;) But really, like anyone, I have had alot of body issues with myself. I always hated my hairyness. And lately I have felt like a weedy little boy. But after taking this pic, I don't hate my body, i like it. And I hope everyone gets to embrace their own bodies. You were born this way... in the words of Lady Gaga :) It has also come to my attention recently that I think I am an old hippy, I love all the simple things in life. And my mane hairstyle has grown on me alot, regardless of wether people hate it or not.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Not So Fail.

As of late I have been feeling the pressure of meeting peoples expectations. In the last month I have had people question my abilities and life choices. Don't look down on people, it's not cool. Get off your high horses or I will tell you why I am better than you! But I wouldn't like to be such a bitch. And as for smoking, averagely now I smoke 4 a day (minus weekend drinking time), it used to be 10 a day so think twice before you judge or I will light a cig just to burn you with it. Anyway, this week I passed my driving test, which made me realise, I can do what I want, but that is the point, It's my happiness, my time and my will. I am very happy. And I will continue to make choices for MY happiness. The time I take for any change, is my time, wether it be 3 years or 3 months or whatever, thats just me as a person. I am thinking about life changing things, they are definite, but I will do it when the fuck I like yeah? And keep smoking hot in the process ;) [most likely not]. I have a new tattoo (pictured), take a look. Loving the summer shoes too :D I was having a chat with someone I don't know all too well, over a drink, about my feather tattoo and he said he thinks it represents the earth and freedom and says a lot about me as a first impression. I liked that.