Thursday, 24 February 2011

Request drawing

Here is my latest drawing I did on request for a birthday present. It can be nerve racking drawing someone you don't know all too well, but I think it turned out to look like her a fair bit :). The girl I have drawn is called Ella, she is very beautiful and it was a pleasure to draw her. This is another drawing of my usual style. I would love to branch out and try a new style, however this is working nicely at the moment, and who knows how the work develops. Do click on photos to see enlarged.

My favourite songs of all time and life inspiration.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Drawing of me and my Boyfriend. 10/02/2011

So here is my latest drawing of me and Simon. I drew this for him, for his 19th birthday. I didn't really know what to buy him to be honest but i though this might be nice. It is placed in an A3 (ish) rough wood frame. To begin with, drawing the outline, I kinda felt I had drawn Si a bit goofy, however, with some change it developed better. Whether it looks like us is up to you! The only photo I had printed off of us both was one from Glastonbury Festival, I was a bit weary about the angle of the photo as Si is closer to the camera, which may have made him look like he had a big head. But I think the outcome is ok, and I am glad he is kinda the main feature. I think this took about 6 hours to do. Did an hour or two before I went to work and then carried on from 1am, after phone call with the man himself, til 5am. Of course the occasional smoke throughout. I like to work late, when it is silent and the hours fly by, I see it as a positive mission and I especially enjoy drawing for people that mean a lot to me or people I know will really appreciate the work. Love Si and although I was with him last night and today for his birthday, i hope he has a cracking meal tonight and some good drinking sessions following!