Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Rock T-Shirts

Not gunna lie, still loving the rock'n'roll tees at the moment. Actually found this one in Topman but didn't actually buy it. You will find this about me... I tend to try things on in shops and take a photo if I can't buy. This print of Keith Richards is pretty common though, it was on Asos.com, and probably still is, by House Of Gods, and it's without the names above (Keith, Kurt etc.) I didn't end up getting it but I hopefully will soon. I bought a similar top with a drawing of a randomer with black glittery glasses on which is cool (right), from Zara. Saw this one in the London Shepards Bush shopping mall, but eventually bought it online. Of course love my Courtney Love printed top too. As you can see (left) I have completed with many chains with feathers and things :) bought new black Ray-Ban wayfarers, just need distressed boots.Sorted.

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